On Saturday the 4th of October, the second edition of this very special festival took place. The organisation had found an extraordinary spot to celebrate this years Nordic talents: The medieval buildings of Central Museum Utrecht. One stage was even set up in the church on the grounds. The medieval monastery that is now home to the museum has a mystical character that fits Nordic Delight perfectly. Nordic Delight Festival a day to discover the best in the fields of film, food, fine arts, design and most of all: music.As the main word for this years artowrk I chose - 'discovering' - It's all about discovering amazing bands, culture, movies and series from the Nordic countries.
How we did this - Artists and bands represent their culture in their songs. They translate their surroundings and culture in their music so they bring it with them everywhere they go. This is directly visible in the artwork of the posters - bands and artist become visible in the landscape. 
Why we did this - On the flyers we put the text - don't know this band... - as a teaser to actually find out who the band is on the flyer, and actually going to listen to them instead of dismissing great music just because we haven't heard of them - yet! - 
Founding Fathers - Ad Pontier, Arne Dee
Marketing - Eva Verboon
Social media - Tijmen Ruizendaal
Art & creation - Marlous van den Engel, Susanne van den Heuvel
Design - Laura den Otter
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