The merger oftwo hospitals in the Netherlands, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis and MesosMedisch Centrum turned out to be a great branding issue. Both hospitals had their very own different qualities, combining them would be a great task internally and externally. The new identity of Antonius is based on the idea of not accepting the rules of today but trying to redefine these rules.

creative rational
The wordmark symbolises the coming together of ratio and emotion, of symbol and letter. A unque typeface in which each letter was redefined. The wordmark sits in an iconstring. This iconstring is a formation of medical icons of which the letters of the word Antonius came from. At first glance the shapes of the iconstring seem abstract. The key to decoding them is the word Antonius. A story is formed when all icons are decoded, it describes the whole history of Antonius and the way forward.

colour palet
The main colour is a deep purple. A colour which again combines ratio and emotion, a balance between blue and red. This deep purple also forms the basis of which the three pilar colours come from. They are a ping, a bright colour from this deep purple. 

Strategy |
Art Direction | Kiki Hartmann
Concept | Errol Konat and Laura den Otter
Design | Laura den Otter

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