About Staatseinde:
After a long journey from home planet Weltraum through parallel universes, the spacesailors’ first arrival on planet earth was in 2006. With Grandma Weltraums organ and other trinkets Staatseinde creates a typical sound that they describe themselves as Neue Niederländische Welle. The catchy bounce-music makes most feet want to dance, but there is also room for some experimental sounds and dark intergalactic noise landscapes. 
Staatseinde chained up earth to board the planet and point out the facts of self-destruction and therefore the eventual destruction of the earth. With the album “ENTER” Staatseinde gives mankind a final chance to turn the tide. Those who understand the message are welcome to dance, and if all humans will the earth is rescued and Staatseinde will prevail! 
What they like:
Humans, aliens, grannies organ and bouncing around!
Kommander Neorej a.k.a. Jeroen van Beek
Doctor Slacht-zeuger a.k.a. Erwin van der Laan
Superintendentur Morrits a.k.a. Mo van Galen
Frau Jacke a.k.a. Anita van Bree 
Laura den Otter
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